Fibromialgia e os benefícios com CBD

Fibromyalgia and the benefits of CBD

May 07, 2024Tabu CBD

Fibromyalgia is a disease of unknown etiology and is associated with widespread chronic pain, fatigue and excessive sensitivity to pain in various areas of the body and defined points. Other symptoms associated with this disease are difficulty sleeping, muscle stiffness, severe headaches, among others.

It is believed that the disease is due to an abnormal function of the central nervous system, where the amplification of pain signals originates.

The benefits associated with the consumption of CBD by people suffering from fibromyalgia are:

⦁ Decreased pain reactivity
⦁ Activation of descending pathways of the inhibitory system
⦁ Treatment for watery pain
⦁ Treatment for neuropathic pain
⦁ Long-term analgesic effects

The use of CBD for fibromyalgia is normally done through oils and body lotions, with the advantages of the entourage effect, which increases the therapeutic condition thanks to the botanical synergy between other compounds present in the plant. Another benefit of this effect is that it reduces the chances of the consumer experiencing any adverse reaction.

Therefore, the most common way to use CBD oil in these cases is orally, in drops or capsules, always taking into account that the dosage will depend from case to case, where the doctor or healthcare professional in question will determine it. it.

In short, the analgesic effect of cannabinoids is one of the best characterized effects on relieving muscle stiffness, concluding that medicinal CBD is effectively safe when administered calmly and gradually.

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