Será que o HHC é legal? Descobre com a TABU CBD

Is HHC legal? Find out with TABU CBD

Apr 30, 2024Tabu CBD

HHC, or Hydroxyhexylcannabinoid, is a substance derived from THC that has aroused interest and curiosity in several countries, particularly in Portugal. However, it is important to highlight that HHC is a psychoactive substance that, according to reports from some consumers, can cause distortion of colors and images when consumed.

Given this, HHC is still banned in some countries and strictly regulated in Portugal. In this blog we will explore what HHC is, its legality, the possibility of purchasing it in our country and its characteristics.

The psychoactive potential of HHC and other of its effects has been the subject of study due to the production of euphoric effects or changes in the perception of reality, similar to those experienced with THC. In addition to its interactions with cannabinoid receptors, HHC can also affect other systems of the body, mainly influencing the central nervous system and the cardiovascular system.

In this sense, Tabu is alerting people to the responsible and safe consumption of all our flowers so that all customers can have the best possible experience without falling into the risk of dependence.

Although there is currently no specific regulation on HHC in Portugal, it is important to consider some legal implications:

  1. Organic Law 4/2015: This law regulates the safety of citizens and includes provisions related to consumption, possession and trafficking. Although HHC is not specifically mentioned in the law, its use may be considered illegal if it is classified as a controlled substance or psychotropic substance.
  2. International Health Regulations: Products containing HHC may be considered health products or supplements and, as such, may be subject to international health regulations regarding manufacturing, marketing and distribution.


Currently, purchasing products containing HHC in Portugal is still quite challenging due to the lack of specific regulations, so we recommend that you buy with Tabu to have a safe and quality experience.

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