Who we are?

Our mission is to create a movement that aims to combat the taboo surrounding CBD in Portugal, informing people, using scientific studies. We do this through Blog Tabu and boosting social media (Tik Tok and Instagram)

Cannabis and Cannabidiol are positive and we want everyone to know!

This is where the…

Taboo Movement

We created the “Tabu Movement” with the aim of opening the eyes of Portuguese society to break with the association of the Cannabis plant with "drugs", showing the beneficial and positive properties for the mental health, well-being and healthy lifestyle of its compound CBD (Cannabidiol). You can join us in this project and, together, we can demystify the prejudice associated with this substance and mobilize the Portuguese to break with the current scenario that hinders the acceptance, commercialization and consumption of this cannabinoid and the cannabis plant.

6 Pillars

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