Do you accept returns?

You can consult our complete returns policy here .

Do you deliver in Mainland Portugal, Islands and abroad?

We currently deliver to mainland Portugal with free shipping over €40. We ship to the Islands (Madeira and the Azores) and to the European Union with shipping borne by the customer in the amount of €7.5.

What payment methods are available?

We currently have the following payment methods available on our website:


- Entity and Reference

- Card

- Google Pay

Is CBD legal?

Yes, the commercialization of CBD is legal in the European Union as long as it does not exceed the amount of 0.2% THC, so that it is considered Industrial Hemp and does not have psychotropic effects. You can check with the European Monitoring Center for Drugs and Drugs Addiction here .

What are the CBD and THC Levels of our products?

You can access the laboratory analyzes of our CBD flowershere and see their entire composition.

Regarding the oils, they contain 0% THC, since they are a solution extracted and isolated in the laboratory. You can ask us for analyzes of CBD oils whenever you want via email help@tabucbd.com.

Can you take CBD at work?

Unlike THC, CBD does not alter you or generate psychotropic effects, being used more and more by high competition athletes. In saliva tests, CBD is not detected, let alone in drug screening in a company, if you consume CBD oils. If you consume CBD flowers, this is not guaranteed, as the percentage of THC, although small, is 0.2% (within the terms of the law in force in the EU) and it is not certain that it will not be detected. Therefore, we advise you to be alert regarding this topic.

Is CBD safe to carry on an airplane?

The truth is, not yet. CBD is not (at all) recommended to be taken or transported by plane or at an airport, taking into account the different laws in force in the most varied countries and the fact that it can be confused with Marijuana in any part of the world. In addition, there is a strict regulation regarding liquids on airplanes.

Can you drive after consuming CBD?

If you know a little about CBD and its effect on the body, you already know that it is very different from consuming marijuana. Your senses will not be affected by the intake of Cannabidiol, because the THC content is non-existent. THC is the only cannabinoid that affects your vision and your reactivity, but there are some drawbacks to CBD that you should be aware of before driving.

It is not recommended to use Cannabidiol (CBD) before driving . It is true that this effect is much less powerful than that of THC, but it is an important factor that you must consider before you get behind the wheel.

Is CBD detectable in a saliva/drug test?

The test only detects THC, so if you only take isolated CBD oil (in the case of Tabu oils), there will be no problems. In the case of Flores CBD, there is a probability of testing positive, as the percentage of THC, albeit tiny, is 0.2% (within the terms of the law in force in the EU) and it is not certain that it will not be detected. We alert you to this fact, so as not to harm yourself.

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