Terpenos da Canábis - O que são e para que servem?

Cannabis Terpenes – What are they and what are they for?

Jun 10, 2024Tabu CBD

Cannabis terpenes are substances present in the cannabis plant, considered secondary metabolites, responsible for imparting smell and flavor.

This type of substance is involved in a series of metabolic processes in our body, and you can find it in almost all parts of a plant, such as flowers, seeds, roots, as well as in algae or mosses.

The main function of terpenes in plants is to provide smell and flavor, an example of this is the citrus odor that comes from fruits such as orange and lemon when cut.

Terpenes, in general, are activated in situations of critical stress, therefore, the production of terpenes is a kind of plant response, using them to protect seeds and fruits from external agents or adverse situations.

There are several types of cannabis terpenes, where this type of metabolism differs from the primary ones, directly responsible for the growth of a plant, regulating metabolism and absorption of nutrients, each with distinct properties and aromas.


It is the most abundant terpene in cannabis plants, found in species such as pine, basil or mango.

The smell of Myrcene is a mix of bitter and citrus, easily obtained due to its therapeutic properties by the chemical and food industry.

Furthermore, this terpene is considered to have antibacterial potential, which helps to reduce insomnia and muscle spasms.


It is the characteristic terpene of citrus fruits, including lemon, orange and tangerine.

Limonene is used by the chemical industry on various products such as detergents or even body oils.

It is also used by the food industry as a flavoring, in addition to having several medicinal properties.

This terpene is also found in the cannabis plant and when associated with other terpenes it promotes some health benefits such as reducing gastric reflux, balancing mood or relieving stress.


It is considered the terpene with the most pleasant aroma, and is widely used in the food industry.

Linalool is found abundantly in fruits and plants such as basil, grapes, bay leaves, mint and rosemary.

With a citrus aroma and a touch of lavender, this terpene has medicinal properties, such as antidepressant and analgesic, in addition to being a powerful sedative.

To conclude, the main use of cannabis terpenes is to act as modelers and enhancers of the therapeutic benefits expected in CBD treatments.

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