HHC 99% Lemon Haze Vape, Disposable Pen 2ml



Magic Farmers Disposable Vaporizers feature a high content of HHC extract, with extremely high concentrations - up to 99% - along with a rich variety of well-crafted flavors.

They are disposable electronic cigarettes and offer a capacity of approximately 1000 puffs.

This strand offers an excellent quality-price ratio and sufficient resistance.


Liquid quantity: 2ml

Flavor: Lemon

THC content: 0.2%

HHC content: 99%

Main active ingredient: HHC

Charging option: Yes

Does HHC have the same effect as THC?

HHC is not THC, however, it produces similar effects, and will create a euphoric effect. For those looking for the relaxing benefits of CBD You should not use HHC.

Is HHC legal?

Yes, because HHC is derived from hemp (Hemp), not THC: HHC vapes, gummies, flowers or resins are perfectly legal as long as the THC content remains below 0.2% in the European Union.

In conclusion, HHC is not THC and should be handled with caution. HHC is recreational. It is extremely advisable not to drive if you consume HHC. The ideal is to keep consumption at home or at a party with friends.


Please keep in mind that our HHC vape can cause a strong effect and we advise you to use it responsibly and avoid operating heavy machinery or carrying out activities that require complete mental clarity while using it. The effects of HHC may vary from person to person and we recommend starting with a small dose to assess your tolerance and avoid any potential adverse reactions.

Note, also, that the effects of the HHC flower may vary depending on the individual.

We encourage our customers to use this product responsibly and avoid use before work, driving or any other activity that requires full brain awareness.


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