Tabu Glass Cigarette Holder/Filter for Harm Reduction



These glass pieces are unique, limited to 150 units. They are handcrafted, produced by real glassblowers and designed and launched in partnership with the GlassKid brand.

Glass cigarette holders are a way of reducing harm when smoking. They replace conventional filters and are less harmful to the human body and lungs, because they cool the air, increasing the combustion distance from the lungs.

Furthermore, they provide a superior tasting experience, where it is possible to feel the flavor and terpenes in a deeper way.

Warning: Care must be taken when handling, due to the sensitivity of the glass. With care, they will last a lifetime.

Tabu cigarette holder types available:

- Cigarette Holder with Colorful Mouthpiece

- Cigarette Holder with Single Mouthpiece (Bullet)

- Round Mouthpiece Cigarette Holder

- Cigarette Holder with Flat Mouth (Flat)


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