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Pangudi Pancake Base



This practical and delicious preparation is the ideal solution for creating tasty pancakes in a matter of minutes.

Just add a vegetable drink or milk, shake and cook in a frying pan until golden.

With its ideal texture and delicious flavor, Pangudi's Pancake Maker is perfect for any time of the day - from breakfast to dessert.

Furthermore, it is a versatile option for filling with different sweet or savory ingredients.

Try it now and delight your family and friends with some homemade pancakes!

Yield between 12 to 14 doses.


Energy727 kJ / 172 kcal; Lipids 2.20g of which saturated 1.30g; Carbohydrates 30.80g of which sugars 8.70g; Fiber1.40g; Proteins 6.50g Salt 0.73g


WHEAT flour, sugar, whole egg powder (whole chicken EGG, maltodrextrin), raising agents: E450, E500, WHEAT starch, iodized salt and aroma.

Allergy Information

Contains gluten and egg.


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