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Launch of Tabu Online Store - Opinion Text by Francisco Mendes Barata

Aug 23, 2021Tabu CBD

Opinion text by Francisco Mendes Barata

The use of Cannabidiol is still a subject censored by the population due to a certain cultural schism and misinformation that circulates, creating a myth around this new medicinal nuance. Taboo CBD comes with this, so break it down and let's talk facts.

Cannabidiol, commonly known by its acronym CBD, is a cannabinoid chemical found in the Cannabis Sativa family, which unlike THC, does not have a euphoric or hallucinogenic effect.
After a series of scientific studies carried out by major world-renowned universities such as Harvard University or the Portuguese University of Coimbra, we found ratified information on the numerous benefits of the material.

Cannabidiol, in addition to having an antiphlogistic effect helping to reduce chronic neuropathic pain or even muscle pain, also has an antipsychotic and neuroprotective effect against the wrong social stereotype, being an eminent aid in the therapy of diseases such as Alzheimer's, multiple sclerosis or even even in psychological disorders such as anxiety.

In 2019, with the clinical recognition of the benefit of this use in our country and with the proper regulation, production in the village of Montes Velhos in the municipality of Aljustrel made Portugal the largest medicinal cannabis plantation in Europe.

In economic terms, an added value for the country is this in the monetary spectrum coming from the investment in the area as well as in the creation of a new job for thousands.
I start from the opinion that it is somewhat ironic to live in the country that pioneered the discrimination and production of this plant and then not use it for your own benefit, however, with TABU, you now have a unique benefit to enjoy a series of products from certified quality and with the corresponding information on your side.

For this reason, we are going to end the stigma created around the theme by looking for the scientific truth and enjoying the proceeds of your product.

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Francisco Mendes Barata
“Poet and writer, university student of International Relations”

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