Hoje o dia é nosso! Não deixes capaz esta data tão importante

Today is our day! Don't miss out on this important date

Apr 16, 2024Tabu CBD

It is this week, on April 20th, that we celebrate Marijuana Day and we couldn't leave our customers indifferent. Below we leave you a brief explanation of how this day came about!

The controversial history of Marijuana Day began in 1971, when five North American students began to get together every afternoon at 4:20 pm to smoke next to a statue at the university where they studied.

It was during the day that all students used the code “420” precisely in reference to the agreed time to indicate to all their friends and acquaintances that, that afternoon, they were going to get together to smoke marijuana, at the usual time and place.

It is with this history that Tabu CBD throughout its history has been working increasingly to break the taboo surrounding the cannabis plant and provide all its customers with products that have potential benefits for mental health and well-being. -be.

We also value responsible distribution of CBD to ensure the safety and effectiveness of each product, as well as compliance with local and national regulations imposed on us.

The origin and quality of the product is one of our key points so that it is obtained from reliable sources and with the highest possible quality, providing all parties involved with the purity and potency of each product.

For us, one of our biggest goals on this special day is to educate all our consumers so that we provide clear and accurate information about the benefits of CBD, as well as precautions and possible side effects. Our labels and packaging are properly produced, including guidance on appropriate dosage, administration methods and drug interactions.

On this day, Tabu CBD leaves a reminder that we always offer the highest and best customer support with high quality and efficiency, responding to questions and concerns quickly and effectively, where we also guarantee the highest level of satisfaction for both the customer and the product. /service.

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