Dia Mundial sem Tabaco

World No Tobacco Day

May 28, 2024Tabu CBD

It is this week, on May 31st, that we celebrate World No Tobacco Day, highlighting the health risks associated with smoking and promoting effective policies to reduce its consumption, through natural products such as CBD!

This day is an important opportunity to raise awareness among all our customers about the damage that tobacco can bring to the health and well-being of all its consumers and show you more practical and healthy lifestyles.

Here are some examples of other more natural ways of smoking or vaporizing, available on the TABU website:

Our CBD Flowers - is a non-psychoactive compound from the hemp plant, known for its potential therapeutic benefits. We offer a variety of unique strains and aromas, each with its own terpene profile and distinct characteristics, such as: Cannatonic CBD Flower, Lemon CBD Flower, Bubble Gum CBD Flower, Pineapple CBD Flower and CBD Flower Therapy.

CBD + CBG Vapes - Vaporizing CBD using a CBD Vape Pen is a convenient and discreet way to enjoy CBD practically anywhere, and TABU offers several ranges of vapes with different flavors such as: Vape of CBD and CBG Kiwi and Strawberry, CBD and CBG Mango Vape, CBD and CBG Apple Vape, CBD and CBG Grape Vape and CBD and CBG Watermelon Vape.

These are some examples that TABU CBD offers you for a healthier and more practical lifestyle, with the main benefits being reducing stress and relieving discomfort.

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